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From: "House of Rock"
To:   "General Cabot"
Subject: careful of the status quo
Date: Monday, May 06, 2002 10:12 AM

Just checking out the site and how happy I am to see it, but my god, a link
to the media mogul Izzy Asper's oppressive daily rag known as the cape
breton anti-revolutionary of utterly status quo and
indicative of everything that's contributed to the demise of the Cape
Bretoner...this is just the type of operation that keeps the Cape Bretoner
down, that keeps the Cape Bretoner from taking his and her rightful place as
citizens of an independent land, responsible for the economic well-being of
the island, not dependent on the scraps that fall from the overlord's
mainland table. Down with the foreign-owned companies that once forced us to
fight, but now keep us content with a status quo that does nothing to
improve our lot. Link to the Inverness Oran, an independently published
paper that cares about its community beyond how much $$$ it can suck down
the line. And I'd be remise not to mention what's goin on, the seven year
old independently published and perennially undernourished arts &
entertainment weekly (once monthly and future online daily).
Vive la Revolution!
Jebodiah the Squatter
129 George Street
Sydney, Cape Breton Island
Nova Scotia  B1P 1H9